NitroMed, Inc.,
Lexington, MA

(with Shepley Bulfinch Richardson and Abbott)

50,000 SF
Chemistry Labs
Biomedical Labs

Employee offices and services

International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI),
Brooklyn, NY

(with Perkins Eastman Architects)

30,000 SF
BSL 2 & 3 labs

Employee Services

Princeton University
Engineering Quadrangle Expansion,
Princeton, NJ

(with Hillier Architects)

60,000 SF
Clean Labs
Faculty Offices​

Princeton University Materials Institute,
Princeton, NJ

(with Hillier Architects)

40,000 SF
Flexible Electronic Labs
Lecture/seminar room
Faculty Offices​

GlaxoSmithKline Corporate Headquarters, London, UK

(with Hillier/RHWL Architects)

View of typical lab with borrowed light from open cafeteria/lounge on west exterior wall



Cambridge Isotope Labs,
Andover, MA

(with Shepley Bulfinch Richardson and Abbott)

40,000 SF
QA/QC labs
cGMP Pilot Plant
Corporate Office​

Typical biology lab

​1 million SF
16-story office tower
5, 5-story office blocks
Skylit pedestrian street
parking facility
Employee services
16 commissioned artworks

Star City,
Sydney, Australia

(with Cox-Hillier Architects)

150,000 SF casino
96 unit apartment building
200 room hotel
13 restaurants
2000 SF proscenium theater
500 seat showroom theater
light rail station​

Doral Arrowwood, Ryebrook, New York

(with Hillier Architects)

120,000 SF
Meeting Space
300 rooms
9-hole golf course​